You may seek for a refund in event of the following below:

  • The file of downloaded Item is corrupted, and We are unable to fix such file;
  • The file of downloaded Item is inconsistent with its product description in terms of file types and resolution at the time of download/purchase; or
  • The file of downloaded Item is missing or unable to be downloaded by You at the time of download/purchase and We are unable to retrieve such file. 


-Double Purchase-  
Exchange / Refund will be offered if buyer mistakenly purchase a same item twice. 

-Product Defect-
Free SVG Download will make the Product available for download by you as soon as we accepts your order. Free SVG Download offers a thirty (30) day money back guarantee on a Product. If you find a Product is not compatible, corrupt, or is missing on download, Free SVG Download can refund you the price you paid for the Product.

This policy requires that you permit sufficient time to remedy any problem with a Product. Most issues are resolved within seven (7) days and if Free SVG Download cannot resolve your issue with your Product within seven (7) days, Free SVG Download will provide a full refund for the amount you paid for the Product to the payment method you used when purchasing the Product as set for in these Terms.

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